January 10, 2008

heavy-metal_400-730379.gifAt last after thheavy-metal_400-730379.gife dates are out and guess what Iron Maiden 2008 tour will kick off from Mumbai, India on 1st of Feb. This concert will be the biggest and the greatest of all events that India will we hosting in 2008. I should thank the Gods of Metal for showering this blessing upon the metal heads in India.

It was in the same month last year when these six metal gods for the first came to India to do their first show and as a true and a pure metal fan I was more than ready to receive the Maiden whole heartily, I got the tickets for the show and even booked my flight ticket to Bangalore but my BAD LUCK started to glow or should I say covered me and with just a week left for the Big Day, disaster and misfortunes started to ambush me from every corner starting from my boss not agreeing to grand me leave for three days  to many other calamities that were all joined together to block me from being a part of the fest. Since last Feb. I have taken an oath that I won’t play any maiden songs nor watch any of their videos( though I did listen when my band mates played or watch with them, but I never played) as a punishment to my self for not seeing their show.

Well after almost a year of sleepless nights and painful days, this year I am fully prepared, starting from office, I have made my boss to give me off for three day.  Even this year I have already booked my flight ticket and have even booked the show ticket, just waiting for the day to come.

 LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL………………………………………………………………………..