There are so many things in this world that still make us wonder and amuse though we are living in a very sci-fi world. Well as am from a very normal town with a population of not much that 20,000 there aren’t much wonders in or near my town but when ever I surf the net or switch on my TV I come across so my things that need to be explore. Well here is a list of places and things that keeps my brain busy, thinking how is it as I cannot afford to travel and witness it with my bare eyes.

                                  Seven Wonders As According To Me

1.       Stonehenge in Britain

2.       The Northern Red  Sea

3.       The Aztec Temple

4.       The Great Pyramid of Giza

5.       The Great Wall Of China

6.       The Leaning Tower of Pisa and last but not the least,

7.        Michael Jackson’s body.

I mean no harm to anyone but among the seven wonders, the one thing that keeps on haunting my mind is Michael’s white body. I keep on thinking whether he did plastic surgery for every single part of his body or did he leave some parts as it was!!!!

Seriously, if you guys have any idea about this idiotic question please feel free to share with me.

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